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" A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other. "
Simon Sinek

Our story starts with "Why?"

At JOYA Team we want to help our customers design optical systems using our development methodology that creates an optimal working point, incorporating holistic approach including imaging & non-imaging design, new technologies and creative thinking, testability, manufacturability and cost. 

Our mission is to help our customers achieve what they want, get them from point A to point B.

Our specialty is to draw the technical route, our optical system development process.

Our solutions combine innovative approach with the goal to design an exclusive tailor-made product.

Meet Yosi

CEO • Optical Designer

· BSc in Optical Engineering from Technion
Yosi is an expert in HMDs', Augmented &Virtual Reality Systems’ and Night Vision Systems' optical design, with 16 years’ experience in the field. Yosi also has extensive experience in HUD systems, projection systems utilizing polarization, thermal systems, hologram design and more.

Yosi has a deep understanding and expertise providing full system solution from requirements formation through all the design and development stages to prototypes calibration, collaboration with manufacturers and proof of design.

Yosi owns many innovative ideas, some of them lead to patents and unique IP. His vision produced our unique optical system design process methodology starting from requirements through multi-functional interfaces to holistic system design.

Yosi is our Leader!

Yosi’s moto in life is a continuous search to improve and become a better version of yourself. If you need an inspiration, a honest and thoughtful opinion – Yosi is your guy!

Yosi lives with his wife and 3 children in Kibbutz Sarid.

He is a passionate yogi, practicing yoga and meditation daily. Yosi has long history in sports, from playing soccer as a boy to climbing - his favorite sport in the last few years.

He is an intellectual, loving popular science books about mathematics, space, encryption, game theory and all the other stuff people usually find boring. Yet, Yosi is a very open in communication, friendly and always in the center of everyone's attention - a true redhead.

Yosi is our mind 


Meet Yoni

Optical Systems Engineer

· BSc in Optical Engineering from Technion
· Yoni has over 17 years' experience as a System Design Engineer of optical testing equipment for HMD’s & AR systems, Night Vision systems, camera systems, optical tracker systems and more. Yoni has led the development & design of optical testing equipment from the definitions & characterization stage, through conceptual and detailed design to the verification and integration in the production line.

Yoni is an expert in transfer of optical systems from design to production, system engineering, metrology and photometry.
Yoni has also hands-on experience in prototyping and new optical concepts evaluation and proof.

Yoni is our Handyman!

Yoni’s moto in life is helping others. If you need help or assistance – you can always count on him!

Yoni lives in Nesher.

His hobbies are motorcycles, travelling the world, hanging with his friends and listening to music. Yoni loves doing all the home repairs with his two magic hands, his door is always open for company.

Yoni is a known carnivore, he loves and knows how to turn meat in delicious treat.

Yoni is our heart ♥️


Meet Assaf

CTO • Physicist & Optical Engineer

· BSc in Optical Engineering from Technion

· MSc in Optical Sciences from Ben-Gurion University
Assaf is a physicist & optical engineer, expert in Micro-display & Illumination technologies, with 15 years’ experience in the field with extensive relationships with leading micro-displays manufacturers and industry. Assaf has a deep knowledge and experience in Electro-optics technologies, system engineering and non-imaging optics for HMD & AR systems.

Assaf is always on top of new emerging technologies in the market and follows the technological development trends.
Assaf has an experience as a professional, multi-disciplinary and innovation leader promoting the implementation of innovative optical ideas, technologies and solutions in products and systems. Assaf also has extensive experience in optical metrology and photometry.

Assaf is our Enabler

Assaf’s moto in life is curiosity in people and technologies, he sees good in every person and has an admirable ability to empathize.

He is a natural entrepreneur with a passion to explore anything innovative, new and interesting: if there's an article published somewhere – he's already read it and knows about it.

Assaf lives with his wife and 2 children in Kibbutz Gvat.
Assaf practices healthy lifestyle, spends time practicing yoga and meditation as well as crossfit workouts. He is also passionate about woodworking his unique designed works.

Assaf brews his own various beers and is always happy to offer you a new exclusive taste.
Assaf is our soul


Meet Olga

Optical Designer & System Engineer

· BSc in Physics from the Technion

· MSc in System Engineering from the Technion 
· Olga
 is an expert in Non-Imaging and Illumination design and analysis, specializing in HMDs, Augmented & Virtual Reality Systems, Camera & Sensing systems, with more than 19 years’ experience in the field.

Olga also has extensive experience in optical imaging systems design, including numerous leading innovative R&D projects.
Olga has along and vast history of leading optical elements and systems sub-contractors communication, requirements specifications, collaboration, performed reviews, support and consulting. In addition, she also has experience in optical systems engineering, optical testing stations development and optical display engineering.

Olga is an autodidact, possessing a rare ability to learn a subject very thoroughly and deeply, acquiring expertise and professionalism based on working experience.

Olga is our Critical Eye

Olga’s personal interests and passions are as various as her professional experience: from travelling, tourism, exploring historical locations and nature sites through culinary experiences in different countries to fashion, shopping, music and theatrical performances.

Olga lives in Shlomi with her husband and 3 daughters. Their doors are always open, and their home is always full of friends and laughter.

Olga is major fan of Stephen King horror novels, intrigued by exploring the dark side of reality… She is also fond of quests of any kind.
She loves skiing in Europe’s breathtaking locations as well as enjoying spa, yoga and Pilates.

Olga is our Quintessence


Meet  Ilia

Optical  Engineer

· BSc in Optical devices and electronic systems from the MIREA – Moscow Technological University

· Ilia is an Optical Engineer with almost 3 years of experience in the field of electro-optics including lasers, optical fibers and optical systems. He also has deep knowledge and working experience with 3D printing technologies.

Ilia graduated from Moscow Technological University. He has extensive knowledge in AR and VR systems, OLED displays and optics. His diploma project was an Augmented Reality device, which he designed and built a working prototype of.

This fact really characterizes him, being very curious, dedicated and focused, following his interest in AR, design and engineering, studying whatever is necessary to get the job done. His biggest lesson from this project was the importance of teamwork, he was able to get the help and cooperation he needed by building good personal connections.

Ilia is our first employee.

Ilia lives in Haifa suburbs with his wife and his newborn son.

He has repatriated to Israel in February 2021, but already feels he’s home, enjoying meeting new people and creating personal connections.

Ilia has many interests, being naturally curious and dedicated. He was a professional swimmer in the past. He also likes snowboarding. 
Ilia is a very open person. He likes nature, traveling, spending time with his wife and family.

Ilia has a dog, whose Instagram page has over 70,000 followers!

Ilia is our growth, our Future

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