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JOYA Team – Building our website

As a new independent company one of the tasks we faced was building a company website. We chose to do this by ourselves using WIX website building platform rather than turning to a professional, keeping in mind that most of the work is preparing the material for the website which we would have to do ourselves anyway. We figured that if we want to step-up the design level – we can turn to a professional later on. Today we want to share with you what we learned in this process.

  1. Creative work is fun! Creating your company website is even more fun, since you’re doing this for yourself… How can you trust someone to do this for you anyway?

  2. The WIX platform is a great and very intuitive tool, you can create very impressive stuff with it and the result made us proud. See for yourself if you haven’t visited our website already

  3. Working on your marketing material helps you focus and deliver the right message in the meetings with customers afterwards.

  4. When you make it – you own it! It’s easier to retain and update your site after it’s built. You easily add posts to your blog, create marketing e-mails, learn your site statistics, add customers’ references and so on… This is a growth and development process rather than a well-defined job.

  5. Some of our statistics from only 2 months (!) of website activity show that we certainly did something right:

  • More than 1300 visits

  • More than 800 blog views

  • Visitors from over 40 countries over the world

Have comments or feedback for us? Share it with us so we can grow and improve ...

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