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OLED-info: "Micro-display Technologies for AR and HUDs"

Updated: Nov 21

From the beginning of our activity as JOYA Team, we always wanted to share our knowledge and expertise with others throughout the XR community. We used different platforms to give talks, presentations, publications in every way we found available. One of the platforms that we use to publish our insightful papers is the OLED-info website.

Here is one example of a paper that was published in OLED-info. This was an invited Micro-displays Technologies explanation and review for Augmented Reality applications by Assaf Levy-Beeri. Our expertise in this area and the proficiency in all displays technologies is highly demanded. The deep understanding of every technology, its physical operation concept, the specific conceptual structure together with its advantages and drawbacks, and finally the clear understanding how the different technologies should be efficiently applied and integrated in a system - these all give very high value in XR products development.

Assaf talks here about different technological and engineering insights, strength s and weaknesses of each technology and what to consider when selecting most appropriate solution for your design specifics. As often happens, there is no "one solution fit all applications", and the optimal smart choice could be the difference between a product that fails and a successful product that is adopted by the market.

We believe that this knowledge and our development methodology that incorporates technology application optimization are crucial elements of a successful optical product development process.

Whether you just want to have a better understanding of different micro-display technologies, have a task of integration of a micro-display within your current prototype, or working on these technologies and need to perform a micro-display detail system analysis and design optimization to get the next level performances - you should contact us to have JOYA Team on your team.

Our expertise allows us to make this process fast and cost-effective offering our vast experience to all companies, small and large, we are here to help you with electro-optics technologies integration and make it available on a project basis.

Click on the image below to read the article.

Contact us if you're working on an optical system development, especially if this is an XR product.

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