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Joya Team's Augmented Reality Optical Design Services
From Idea to scale

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AR optical design - Let's Build It Together 

Elevate your optical experience with Joya Team. Explore the limitless possibilities of AR optical design and bring your unique vision to life. contact us to schedule a complimentary consulting meeting.

From Concept to Creation:
Pioneering Custom Optical System Development

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Unlock the Future of Augmented Reality with Joya Team's Expert Optical Designers and Engineers. Elevate your AR experiences with our multidisciplinary team of optical designers and engineers, boasting over 80 years of combined expertise. We've played a crucial role in developing AR/VR headsets for applications like Medical, Consumers, Avionics and more, offering innovative and comprehensive optical solutions tailored for augmented reality.

Join the AR optical design revolution.

AR optical design
Brilliant Labs Logo

Bobak Tavangar
Founder and CEO at Brilliant Labs

"Joya Team are special: they bring deep technical expertise, modern tools, uncommon artistry, and a delightful sense of humor to their work."

Pixelens Logo

Asaf Inbar
Founder and CEO at Pixelens

"Their expertise in optical system design has been critical in the development of our groundbreaking Under-Display-Camera technology."

Lumiode Logo

Vincent Lee, Ph.D

Founder and CTO at Lumiode

"JOYA Team remained open and flexible to changes in the simulations, as we learned and iterated based on initial results. We will certainly continue working with JOYA Team in the future."

Augmedics Logo

Tomer Gera

Engineering Manager at Augmedics

"JOYA Team helped us qualifying our Augmented Reality system."

Reality Plus Logo

Shay Chaim

VP of Engineering at Reality Plus (Reality+)

"JOYA TEAM were professional, thorough and meticulous to detail while helping us understanding the challenges we are facing and allowing us to validate the proposed optical concept."

Optical Design and Electro-Optics Integration in AR System Development

Working for many years on Augmented Reality (AR) optical systems' development...

Optical Terms Library for AR/VR/MR Systems – FOV

FOV specifies the angular range of the projected image to the user’s eye, when the image is projected to infinity...

Microdisplay Technologies for AR & HUDs

MicroDisplays are used in a variety of applications. First introduced into the market in the 90s, microdisplays were used as...

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