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About us

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 "A team is not a group of people who work together.
A team is a group of people who trust each other."

-Simon Sinek

JOYA Team founders group photo

Growing together,
from the start

JOYA Team was founded in 2019 by four colleagues and friends, who had worked and grown together as teammates and professionals for over 15 years at a large and renowned defense company.
Driven by our shared values, we had a common desire to positively impact the world with our knowledge and expertise in the field of optical innovation.


yet focused

Over time, we have gained dozens of customers and partners, forming relationships with hundreds of professionals in the optics industry. We enjoy working on amazing optics-based products that drive positive impact on human lives, such as optical medical devices, life sciences, autonomous driving, AR/VR systems, consumer smart devices and many more. 

Our mission:
Optics for a better world

The JOYA mission is to help customers design and develop outstanding optical systems. Our specialty is mapping the optimal technical path and creating exclusive, tailor-made products based on innovative optical solutions. With expertise, passion and dedication, we are committed to guiding our customers along the optical journey,
so they can reach their goals in the most efficient and effective way.

The Joya Team

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yosi Joya team

Yosi Arazi

CEO | Optical Designer

Yosi is an expert in optical design of AR/VR systems, night vision systems cameras and complex lens systems, with over 20 years of experience in the field. He is also highly experienced in optical design of heads-up display (HUD) systems, polarization-based projection systems, thermal systems, hologram design and more.

With his deep knowledge, Yosi provides customers with full system solutions, from requirements formation through all stages of design and development, to prototype calibration, collaboration with manufacturers, and proof of design.

Yosi has a BSc in Optical Engineering from the Technion. A born innovator, he also holds several patents and unique IP. It is thanks to Yosi’s vision that JOYA created our unique, holistic development methodology that drives so many optical success stories for our customers.

Yosi lives on Kibbutz Sarid with his wife and three children. He is a passionate yogi, practicing yoga and meditation daily. He is also a pop-science lover, devouring books on mathematics, space, encryption, and game theory, as well as an avid rock climber. According to Yosi, life’s purpose is the continuous search to improve and become a better version of oneself. 

Yosi is our mind. 

Olga Joya team

Olga Resnik

Chief Architect and Integration | Optical Designer
& System Engineer

Olga is JOYA’s expert in non-imaging and illumination design and analysis, specializing in HMDs, AR/VR systems, camera and sensing systems, with two decades of experience in the field.

With a BSc in Physics and MSc in System Engineering from the Technion, Olga also has extensive experience in leading innovative R&D projects in optical imaging systems design. Over many years, she has developed expert skills in communications and collaborations with subcontractors for optical elements and systems, requirements specifications, reviews, support and optical consulting. An autodidact, Olga has the rare ability to learn a subject deeply, acquiring additional expertise along the way. She is also experienced in optical systems engineering, optical testing stations development and optical display engineering.

Olga lives in Shlomi with her husband and three daughters. She loves to travel and explore historical and natural treasures, with a particular fondness for skiing in breathtaking destinations in Europe. You can also find her relaxing at the spa or in a yoga or pilates session. Olga is a huge fan of Stephen King horror novels, intrigued with exploration of the dark side of reality. Indeed, she enjoys quests of every kind.

Olga is our analytical eye.

Yoni Joya team

Yoni Kaganovitz

COO | Optical Engineer

Yoni has over 20 years of experience as a System Design Engineer of optical testing equipment for HMDs and AR systems, night vision systems, camera systems, optical tracker systems and more. He leads the development and design of optical testing equipment, from the characterization stage, through conceptual and detailed design, to verification and integration of optical systems in the production line. 

Yoni is an expert in the transfer of optical systems from design to production, system engineering, metrology, and photometry. He has extensive hands-on experience in prototyping and evaluation and proof of concept for new optical concepts. He holds a BSc in Optical Engineering from the Technion.

Yonis lives in Nesher, where his door is always open to friends. He enjoys traveling the world, and listening to music while doing home repairs with his magic hands. A self-confessed carnivore, Yoni knows his way around a BBQ. His motto? Helping others. 

Yoni is our heart.

Assaf Joya team

Assaf Levy-Beeri 

CTO and Business Development  | Physicist & Optical Engineer

Assaf is a physicist and optical engineer, and an expert in micro-display and Illumination technologies, with 20 years of experience in the field. He has built solid relationships with leading micro-display manufacturers. Assaf has deep knowledge and experience in electro-optics technologies, system engineering and non-imaging optics for HMD and AR systems, as well as optical metrology and photometry.


With a BSc in Optical Engineering from the Technion and an MSc in Optical Sciences from Ben-Gurion University, Assaf is a multi-disciplinary leader in innovation. He continually promotes the implementation of innovative optical ideas, technologies and solutions in products and systems. And he always stays on top of new and emerging technologies and the latest development trends in the optical industry.


Assaf lives in the Jezreel Valley with his wife and two boys. He practices a healthy lifestyle that includes yoga, meditation and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. His hobbies include woodworking and beer making, and he never misses the opportunity to explore anything new, innovative and interesting. Not just a natural entrepreneur, he is also a natural empathizer, and always sees the good in every person.


Assaf is our soul.

Ilia Joya team

Ilia Mikheev

Optical Engineer

Ilia is JOYA’s Optical Engineer, with several years of experience in the field of electro-optics including lasers, optical fibers and other optical systems. He also has deep knowledge and working experience with 3D printing technologies.

A graduate of Moscow Technological University with a BSc in Optical Devices and Electronic Systems, Ilia has expert know-how in AR/VR systems, OLED displays and optics. 

Curious and focused by nature, Ilia is passionate about AR, design and engineering, learning whatever is necessary to get the job done. The first JOYA employee outside of the founding group, Ilia is a true team player, adept in building good personal connections.

Ilia lives in Haifa with his wife and newborn son. A former professional swimmer, and amateur snowboarder, he loves nature and travel. He repatriated to Israel in 2021 and enjoys meeting new people. 

Ilia is the proud owner of a dog, whose Instagram page has over 70,000 followers!

Ilia is our link to the future.

Shimry Haviv JOYA Team

Shimry Haviv 

Optical Engineer & Physicist 

Shimry is an accomplished engineer with a strong background in experimental and application engineering. With the eagerness of a lifelong scholar, he is the recipient of numerous awards and has a busy track record in academia, including publications, patents, and presentations at international engineering conferences.

Shimry’s expertise spans from purely mechanical design challenges, through electro-optical devices, to spectrometry, heat transfer, and solar energy. He loves to dig deep into the subject and acquire all the necessary engineering tools for the job, from algorithm development to software tools, lab research, theoretical study, and team leadership. A born researcher, Shimry is also a wonderful team player – a man of few words, but each carefully considered and valuable.

Shimry holds a BSc in Mechanical & Optics Engineering from the Technion and a Ph.D. (direct) in Optics Engineering from the Technion.

Shimry lives with his wife and three children in Kiryat Tivon. He spends his spare time volunteering, teaching, and helping others.  He is a former national rugby player, and naturally loves sports. He also enjoys jamming with his guitar.

Shimry is our research engine.

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