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Joya Team – Your Chief Optical Officer

JOYA Team founders working with optical design software.


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What is different about JOYA compared to other optical design companies?

What is the professional background of the JOYA team?

Do you work with companies outside Israel? How does JOYA manage remote development? 

We have a limited budget, what can you do for us?

Do you have any AR or VR products?

Do you specialize only in AR/VR?

We don’t need full optical services. Can you help with part of the development process, or do you only offer an end-to-end service package?

Optics are a significant part of our technology. How can I keep my IP safe when outsourcing my core IP, and what happens when new IP is generated during the development process?

We already work with an optical designer or have our own in-house optical designer. Sometimes though, we find it hard to define requirements or understand professional terms. Can you help?

What does the work process with JOYA look like? Who will be my contact person?

I'm an entrepreneur with an optics-related idea, and I’m in talks with investors. Can you support my fundraising process?

Do you collaborate with other service providers in your field?

I have an inquiry. Who should I contact at JOYA?

You can also contact us via this form.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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Bobak Tavangar
Founder and CEO at Brilliant Labs

"Joya Team are special: they bring deep technical expertise, modern tools, uncommon artistry, and a delightful sense of humor to their work. 
The process is always enjoyable and the result is exceeding quality. 
We’re proud to be partnered with such an exceptional group of people".

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