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AEAI Webinar on Augmented Reality System Design: "How to win the AR market?"

Updated: Apr 17

At JOYA Team, we always try to search for more effective ways and platforms to share our knowledge and expertise with others and reach out to more people that can learn from us. We look for any opportunities to do so, and that's why we gladly accepted the invitation from AEAI to give a webinar on their platform.

AEAI Association

AEAI Association
AEAI Association

The AEAI - The Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates in Technological Sciences in Israel - is a platform where you can find many interesting lectures on various engineering and academic topics from top Israeli tech leaders.

Webinar Highlights

In this webinar we invite you to learn about the secrets of “How to win the AR market?” in a recorded webinar. This Webinar deals with the Augmented Reality System Design Challenge. In particular, we share our insights about use-case based system engineering aspects that help creating a solid basis for a successful AR product development.

The key to successful AR Design
The key to successful AR Design

 Use-case based System Development

Olga talks here about our holistic system development methodology, different technological and engineering insights on a system design level, and what to consider when defining key requirements for your design specifics. It's especially crucial to invest in the system engineering at the first design stage and throughout the design process in order to design a tailor-made optimal product that's best fit for the specific use-case.

Various AR Applications
Various AR Applications

Typical AR Design Trade-offs

She also talks about the system engineering design aspects, challenges and trade-offs, how these aspects interconnect with the optical system development and impact the user experience in the end, what considerations are important and in general how the use-case driven development can differentiate a winning and successful product that is adopted by the market. This process also drives innovative and non-conventional solutions that help these products stand out, be attractive and highly successful.

Use-Case Driven Development Example

It's always most interesting to see how the theory and development process that was shaped and fine-tuned through our experience comes to practical application. You can see a real design and development take shape and form for a real application.

Our Secret Souse

Our expertise in optical system engineering area in combination with the proficiency in imaging and non-imaging design is really a rare commodity. We find it extremely valuable for all our customers, for any type of optical product development process and especially in XR products development.

JOYA Team: Your Augmented Reality Design Partner

Whether you just want to have a better understanding of augmented reality systems design challenges, are in the middle of the development process already or want to develop an augmented reality product from scratch - you should contact us to have JOYA Team as your optical design house.

Our expertise allows us to make the optical development process fast and cost-effective offering our vast experience to all companies, small and large, we are here to help you with XR systems engineering, design through all the stages to the prototyping, testing and transfer to production.

There is no other company that can provide this span of services and makes it available on a project basis.

Click on the image below to view the webinar lecture on YouTube.

Contact us if you're working on an optical system development, especially if this is an XR product.

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