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Maximizing Optical Design Efficiency with PanDao: Highlights from EOSAM 2022 Conference

Updated: Apr 17

The various platforms we use to share our knowledge, such as websites, video conferences, and magazines, all have significant reach. However, nothing quite compares to the impact of human interactions, especially engaging talks and presentations at live conferences. These interactions are crucial for meaningful connections, which are often challenging to establish without face-to-face meetings, handshakes, and candid conversations over meals.

Our First Live Event: EOSAM Conference 2022

JOYA Team debut at a live event was the EOSAM Conference in 2022 in Portugal. We presented our joint paper with Dr. Oliver Faehnle from PanDao on "Dynamic optimization of optical design process by means of producibility modulations." In this paper, we discuss using PanDao tool dynamically in the early stages of the optical design process to consider manufacturability aspects.

Our paper can be found in the conference proceedings. Here is the link to read it.

Dynamic optimization of optical design process by means of producibility modulations paper abstract
EDP SCIENCES publication of EOSAM 2022 proceedings paper

Optical Design with PanDao: a Differentiating Factor

We believe that integrating this approach into the development methodology can be a differentiating factor in optical design and help establish a highly effective optical product development process.

A Transformative Experience

Oliver's encouragement to meet at the conference and submit the paper was an opportunity we couldn't miss. He also encouraged Olga to give a talk at the Topical Meeting 3: Optical System Design, Tolerancing, and Manufacturing that he chaired.

Giving a talk before a live audience, submitting a paper to a prestigious international conference, and all the preparations involved were truly rewarding. This experience was a major step forward in our personal development process and for JOYA Team as an international company. Our reach expanded, and the connections we made were invaluable.

Embracing New Possibilities

This experience opened up a whole new level of possibilities and perspectives. We are grateful and excited about the opportunities ahead. This is our first international conference, and we aim to make it a tradition, a key channel for sharing our knowledge and experience.

Insights from the Presentation

In the presentation, Olga talks about the benefit of using PanDao in the optical design process, how it can be implemented, and how this revolutionary process helps to make design trade-offs and reach an optimal design working point.

Olga discusses the transformative impact of PanDao on the optical design workflow, emphasizing its ability to streamline the design process and enhance overall efficiency. By leveraging PanDao's advanced capabilities, designers can navigate complex optical design challenges with greater ease and precision, ultimately leading to the development of superior optical products.

Furthermore, Olga presents real-world examples and case studies that demonstrate the benefits of using PanDao in optical design. These examples illustrate how PanDao has enabled designers to overcome significant design hurdles, resulting in innovative and highly effective optical solutions.

Overall, Olga's presentation provides valuable insights into the future of optical design and how incorporating advanced tools like PanDao can drive innovation, improve design outcomes, and ultimately, elevate the optical product development process.

Sharing Our Experience

We also recorded a video of this talk. While the quality may not be top-notch, it provides a chance to gain insights into implementing this idea.

Impacting Companies and Designers

We hope that our insights can have a positive impact on many companies and optical product designers. Every person or company that benefits from our experience and learns from us adds value to our journey.

Contact Us

If optical design manufacturing feasibility is a challenge for you, reach out to us now to leverage our experience for your benefit.

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