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NY Augmented Reality Meetup - Virtual Prototyping for Display Systems

Updated: Apr 17

From the beginning of our activity as JOYA Team, we always wanted to share our knowledge and expertise with others throughout the XR community. We used different platforms to give talks, presentations, publications in every way we found available.

One of the early appearances in virtual events was Assaf Levy-Beeri's invited talk in the NYAR meetup event, back in January 2021. Assaf talks here about Virtual Prototyping process for the Display Systems using optical design and simulation software tools LightTools and CodeV from Synopsys. The combination of these 2 complementary software tools allows full simulation of any optical system, both from Imaging and Non-Imaging aspects. All system parameters can be simulated and evaluated before anything is physically manufactured.

We believe that these tools and our development methodology that incorporates virtual prototyping as a design and optimization process are a crucial element of a successful optical product development process. Whether you just want to have a better understanding of your current prototype, look inside the "black box", perform detail system analysis and find and control the sources of its problems, or optimize the structure to get the next level performances - Virtual Prototyping is your tool.

Our expertise allows us to make this process fast and cost-effective offering our vast experience to all companies, small and large, we are here to help you and democratize optical design and make it available on a project basis.

Click on the image below to see the talk recording.

Contact us if you're working on an optical product development, especially if this is an XR product.

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