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OLED-info: "Important things to keep in mind when designing an OLED micro-display project".

Updated: Apr 17

JOYA Team is an optical design and engineering services house, highly experienced and professional team, but even more so, we create high value by sharing our knowledge and expertise with others throughout the XR community. We use different platforms to give talks, presentations, publications in every way we found available. One of the platforms that we repeatedly use to publish our insightful papers is the OLED-info website, where the OLED experts share their insights, technology development and new applications.

In this invited paper published in OLED-info, Assaf Levy-Beeri provides tips for Augmented Reality Design and AR product developers and things to keep in mind when using an OLED micro-display. Our expertise in optical system engineering, especially in Augmented Reality applications, and proficiency in electro-optics and display technologies are highly demanded. The deep understanding of user experience aspects and their translation to engineering requirements, the trade-off between different requirements and their impact on performance - these all provide very high value in XR product development.

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Assaf discusses various aspects of OLED micro-displays and how they contribute to system performance, how they can be used for the benefit and exploited to create overall successful products. We believe that this knowledge and our development methodology that incorporates technology application optimization are crucial elements of a successful optical product development process. Whether you just want to have a better understanding of OLED micro-display technologies, have a task of integration of an OLED micro-display within your current prototype, or are working on a complex product using OLED, such as Augmented Reality smart glasses – JOYA Team is your go-to optical system development house. Our expertise allows us to provide fast and cost-effective services, offering our vast experience to all companies, small and large. We are here to help you on a project basis.

OLED micro-display in AR Systems

The field of Augmented Reality (AR) systems has witnessed rapid growth, with applications spanning various markets. Among the essential components driving this evolution are optical and display technologies.


OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) displays, in particular, have become a go-to partner for AR systems due to their convenience and versatility. However, designing an effective AR system with OLED micro-displays requires careful consideration of several critical factors:


OLED Lifetime vs OLED Luminance

OLED brightness directly impacts its lifetime. High luminance accelerates the rate of lifetime decline.


OLED Angular Distribution

OLEDs exhibit wide angular distribution (almost Lambertian). However, typical AR optical systems utilize only a limited angular cone from the display source. Optimizing the optical design to match the OLED’s angular emission with the system’s requirements is crucial.


Optical System Power Efficiency

Minimizing power consumption while maintaining performance using an efficient optical design and optical system engineering can be a key factor in any AR headset development.


OLED Spectrum Compatibility to AR Systems

OLED displays emit light across a relatively broad spectrum. Some optical systems require chromatic aberration correction to compensate for color dispersion caused by the OLED spectrum.


Microdisplay Price Considerations

OLED display prices can vary significantly. The main factor Influencing Price is the Display Size. The Optical design must carefully balance panel size, resolution, and optical system complexity to achieve cost-effective solutions.


Optimal Micro-display for AR Applications

In summary, OLED technology holds a leading position for AR systems in the coming years. As developers, we must navigate the trade-offs between luminance, lifetime, and optical design to create compelling AR experiences. By keeping these considerations in mind, we can pave the way for the next generation of AR solutions.

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