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JOYA Team – Imaging & Non-Imaging design

Updated: Apr 7

Our company provides tailor-made optical design and engineering services in different fields and markets.

Traditionally, optical designers use optical software tools for the optical systems imaging design to perform system design including optimization, tolerance and sensitivity analysis which all are standard stages of the design process.

Non-imaging or illumination design optical software tools, which are less common, are used for optical systems analysis and performances evaluation from the aspects of uniformity, color, contrast, ghost and stray light, polarization and many more.

We are using CodeV for imaging and LightTools for non-imaging / illumination design since these tools are the most versatile and known to have a very strong optimization algorithm.

We have recently learned, working on projects with different companies, the enormous power of the non-imaging/ Illumination software tools in optical systems design, including optimization, sensitivity and tolerance analysis. We also learn from the cooperation with our customers, how much value this design brings them and how powerful and unique the combination of the imaging and non-imaging design is.

Imaging and Non-Imaging designs
Imaging and Non-Imaging complementary designs

Here are some insights, that we always believed in, but today we can confidently state them based on our partners’ feedback.

  • Optical systems are always a combination of imaging & non-imaging (or illumination) aspects.

  • Optical design done in parallel in imaging & non-imaging tools, as a sort of Ping-Pong game, enables to create unique optimal working point that brings the design to a higher level of performances.

  • The combination of imaging and non-imaging design helps to create unique systems that differentiate customer’s products from the competitors.

  • The unique combination allows to shorten the design time and to save money.

We invite you to team with JOYA Team to design a unique optical system.


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