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JOYA Team is an Optical Technologies House offering optical systems development services

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Our Key Activities

Optical Design

Optical design is a kind of art. Optical design concepts are frequently patented and considered a valuable IP. We are highly experienced experts in the art, our specialty is AR/VR systems, we use CodeV, Zemax and OSLO optical design software. In addition, we have developed a unique, holistic system development methodology that creates an optimal working point for exclusive tailor-made product. We offer optical design and engineering services to our customers, starting from an idea or a need up to a working prototype and transfer to production

Optical Testing Equipment & Process Design

Optical metrology requires deep knowledge and understanding in optical sciences, photometry and radiometry. A good optical system shall not only meet the requirements, but also be manufactured with a reasonable sensitivity, calibrated with high yield and be testable.

We offer our customers our vast experience in building prototypes including engineering jigs and optical calibration setups. We also specialize in assembly and calibration process development and transfer optical products from design to production.
Our expertise is the design and engineering of optical testing equipment, both for engineering and production stages

Non-Imaging & Illumination Design

Non-imaging design is a new field in optical engineering. It deals with the optimization of radiation propagation from the source through the optical system to the target.

Every optical system design process shall include both imaging & non-imaging design, done in close interface, for example in AR/VR systems. 

Non-imaging design parameters have major effect on system performances, such as luminance, color, contrast & uniformity as well as stray light and ghosts. We have developed a unique expertise in the field using LightTools software and offer this knowledge and value to our customers

Microdisplay & Electro-optics Technologies

Optical display systems, such as AR/VR systems or HUD (head-up display), include a display source and an illumination module.

Using our deep knowledge and experience in microdisplay and illumination technologies we are able to implement and integrate these technologies in the optical system as part of the design. We also have the expertise to simulate and analyze system's performances using LightTools optical software. Furthermore, we have the connections with the leading microdisplay technologies manufacturers. We offer our customers our expertise in consulting and design services in the field

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