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Optical Design

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From concept to design, analysis and optimization,
Joya optical system design services are your gateway to product excellence. 

optical design

Optical design services,
with a difference

Optical design is not just a technical process; it is an art. Your optical design should reflect your product vision and business aspiration. Optical design concepts are frequently patented, making them a valuable IP and the key to your future success. At Joya, we are experts in the art of optical design across all industries, and specialists in optical design for AR/VR systems.

Leading optical
design software

The ideal optical design demands the use of advanced software in expert hands. Our team is highly experienced in the leading optics software, including CodeV, Zemax and OSLO. Today, our optical design software of choice is CodeV, which we use as the main design tool for our customers.  


Custom optical design
that works for you

No two optical designs are alike. Our optical design service is tailored to your product, company, niche and challenges, providing an optimal jump-off point for your exclusive custom-made product. From custom lens design to tailored optical medical devices design, smart glasses technology and more, you will benefit from a process created just for you.

Optical system design,
the holistic way

We leverage our strong network of connections
in the optical design and engineering ecosystem, providing a holistic and comprehensive service
at every stage. From the initial idea, all the way through to a working prototype and transfer to production, Joya optical design services are based
on a unique methodology that takes your complete journey into account.


Optical design for startups

The world is full of new ideas that are waiting to be born. For startups with ideas for optics-based products or systems, a fast and lean approach to optical design is essential to turn ideas into marketable results. From medical devices, to life sciences, automotive, consumer electronics and beyond, Joya works with startups to define MVP and deliver breakthrough optical designs for future success.  

The Joy-a of optical design services

Our services cover the end-to-end of optical design. Customers can request the complete
suite of optical system
design, or choose standalone services according to their needs:

Optical concepts ideation


Trade-off between different concepts

optical design

Image quality analysis
and MTF simulations

Image simulation & virtual prototype

Tolerances sensitivity analysis

Fabrication assessment using PanDao

Full tolerance and
Monte-Carlo analysis

Opto-mechanical design support

Elements drawings preparation

Elements drawings preparation

Who benefits from Joya optical designs services?

Joya optical design customers include startups and innovators, established technology companies, and businesses at every stage of the growth cycle: 

Technology companies for Augmented
Reality applications

Start-ups and entrepreneurs with ideas for optics-based systems

looking to expand
into optics

Companies seeking to outsource their optical design activity

Companies that want to expand R&D into optics-related fields

Companies looking to enter a new field of expertise in optics

Start-ups who are struggling with optical systems and need expert guidance

The World of the Optical Designer - Optimization

So, what is the big deal with the optimization? When considering the optimization...

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