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Our Services

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For all your optical innovation needs, JOYA Team is your go-to partner. 

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We provide the full suite of optical design and development services, from optical consulting, optical system design, optical engineering and testing, all the way to transfer to production.


Our unique comprehensive approach leaves
no stone unturned, so you are assured the highest quality, performance and reliability from your
JOYA optics solution.


Whatever industry you operate in – medical devices, automotive, VR systems, AR smart glasses, environmental optics, consumer electronics and more – our optical expertise and strong track record of success is at your service.

At JOYA, we do it differently

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We work closely with
our customers

We help you focus your design effort, and we collaborate closely with your engineering team, providing ongoing feedback to keep you on the right track. All data and design files are open and shared with you, so you can continue your optical innovation journey independently.

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We bring our vast
expertise for your benefit

With extensive experience in all aspects of optic system design, we employ a holistic development approach that looks at the bigger picture. Joya’s flexible business model can be adapted to suit every customer and optical project. What’s more, we love what we do; we are curious, quick learners and always ready to explore new technologies to drive your success.

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We save you
time and money

Our goal is to help you reach your optics goals in the most resourceful way. We work in short cycles, and only do what’s necessary for your success. If an off-the-shelf product is suitable, we’ll always recommend it. And we include manufacturability and yield considerations into the equation, to ensure your design is realistic and cost-effective.

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We give you access to
the best optical service providers

Over many years of activity in the industry, we have built a large network of connections from the optics ecosystem. We connect you with professional service providers, optical manufacturers and key industry players, so you are always a step ahead.

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