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Optical POC and Prototyping

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Looking to test your idea and see if it’s feasible? Joya provides expert optical Proof of Concept (POC) and quick prototyping services so you get answers, fast.

a young engineer building a POC prototype

Rapid optical prototyping
starts here

When it comes to optical innovation, time is a critical factor. Many start-ups and entrepreneurs have ideas for products or applications with a core or significant component in the field of optics. What they need is fast validation. They need to know the practical implications for manufacturing, and the technological assurances that these ideas can be brought to life in physical products with a viable use case. 

Optics innovation,

The Joya team has broad expertise in the different aspects of optical technologies, based on decades of accumulated experience. This allows us to guide our customers in performing  feasibility tasks that provide a full and realistic picture of the project and reduce risk. In many cases, Joya optical POCs and prototyping services have helped to convince investors to be more confident in the future success of their optical investment.  

Full optical prototyping lab,
at your service

The Joya lab is fully equipped to facilitate fast optical prototyping. We are adept in the use of specialized tools, including jigs, 3D printing, laminar flow chamber for clean assembly, and capabilities for design and manufacture of mechanical components. We work quickly to deliver prototypes that accurately present system performance, so you can make better decisions. Joya also works in close collaboration with highly experienced optics manufacturers, who have solid track records of delivering optical elements with efficient turnaround times. 


Your optics system
is our investment

At Joya, we see ourselves as your optical partners. We are committed to investing our knowledge, expertise and passion to enable your success. If your optical POC is stuck, we’ll help you refocus and spin off to a more feasible development plan. Together with our network of optical industry specialists, Joya will see you all the way through.

The Joy-a of optical POC and prototyping services

A successful optical development process demands solid POC and fast prototyping services.  Joya offers what you need to bring your optics-based innovation to life, including:

Critical risks and requirements identification

Focus on major
risks and technology gaps

design or structure proposals

Choosing components, technologies, or off-the-shelf products for POCs/ MVPs 


Virtual prototyping
as POC tool

Opto-mechanical and mechanical design support

Mechanical parts prototyping/ 3D
printing support

Cooperation with manufacturers and technology providers

Prototype assembly and testing

Closing the learning loop for the next cycle optimization

Who benefits from Joya optical POC and prototyping services?

For POC and prototyping of optical components, customers at every stage of development and growth turn to Joya
for fast, accurate delivery, including: 

Tech companies looking to integrate their technologies in optical system prototypes

Start-ups and
entrepreneurs with ideas
for optics-based systems

Companies that want to prototype quickly for optical products or systems

Start-ups who are struggling with optical systems and need expert guidance

Companies looking to manage risk in optical development 

Companies and entrepreneurs operating on a limited budget, who seek to secure investments via solid POC

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