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Optical Testing

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Optical testing is vital for successful optical system design.
Turn to the Joya experts in optical metrology today.

an experienced testing engineer performing optical photometry testing son smart glasses.

Optical calibration,
a crucial step

A good optical system design must meet all its specifications and requirements. At the same time, it must be manufactured with a reasonable sensitivity, calibrated with high yield and testable. That’s why you need experts in optical metrology. 

Testing towards
optics innovation

Optical metrology demands deep knowledge
in optical sciences, photometry and radiometry.
The Joya team has vast experience in building prototypes, including engineering jigs and optical calibration setups. We also specialize in assembly and calibration process development, and the smooth transfer of optical products from design to production at optical manufacturers.

Test and verify with us

Our expertise covers the full design and engineering of optical testing equipment, both for engineering and production stages. We work with companies who demand the highest quality optics testing for a wide range of products and industries, from AR & VR optics, to photonics-based medical devices, optics for environment applications, optics for display technology, automotive and everything in between. 


Let our optical testing
connections work for you 

Joya has developed a vast network of connections
in the optical innovation ecosystem, and we collaborate with the leading optical testing equipment companies, providing them feedback on their testing tools and market needs, and working with some of their equipment. So you know that
your optical testing is done by the experts, with
best-of-breed the right direction.

The Joy-a of optical testing services

Our optical testing services are available in the right package to suit your needs,
from standalone testing equipment, to the complete end-to-end testing design services:


Testing equipment selection

Engineering optical setups based on off-the-shelf products


Opto-mechanical and mechanical design support


Prototypes assembly and testing

Optical verification testing
and proof of design (POD)

Building production process flow

Integration in
production line

Who benefits from Joya optical testing services?

Our optical testing customers include startups and innovators, AR technology companies,
and companies of all sizes looking for excellence in outsourced optical testing services:

Technology companies for Augmented Reality applications that require testing capabilities 

Start-ups working
on optics-based systems that require testing capabilities

Companies looking for expert guidance on choosing optical testing equipment

Companies who want to consult with experts on how to measure optical parameters or systems

Companies looking to expand their activity in optical systems testing

Companies seeking freelancers or outsourcing of optical testing design

Companies that want to expand their R&D in optics-related fields, including testing capabilities 

Start-ups who are struggling with optical systems and need expert guidance

The Importance of Design
to Manufacturability and Testability of AR & VR Systems

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