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Electro-optics Technologies Integration

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From display optics to micro-display, polarization optics, sensors, illumination and
more, let our expertise in optics display technologies and integration guide you.

Electro-optics Technologies

Electro-optics solutions
that work for you

Any optical system integrates electro-optics technologies within, whether it be a display technology system, micro-display, sensor, illumination source, polarization optics,
and many more. In optical display systems,
such as AR/VR systems or HUD (head-up
display), the most common would be
a display source and an illumination module.

Advanced display
technologies start here

At Joya, we have accumulated deep knowledge
and experience in micro-display technologies
and illumination technologies over many years
of optical innovation, resulting in our successful

track record in optical display engineering. Whatever your optical system requirements, we have the capability to implement and integrate these optical display technologies as part of the design. 

See the light in your
optical system design

As experts in the use of LightTools software, we have the necessary expertise to simulate and analyze your optical system's performance. With LightTools in our hands, you are assured the most accurate and reliable simulation and rendering of illumination applications, and the most advanced display optics results at your fingertips.


We’ll connect you with manufacturing leaders 

For the manufacturing and production of your optical display technology needs, look no further than the Joya network. We connect with the leading micro-display and illumination technologies manufacturers in the field, so you get the results you expect. Together with our expert consulting and design services, your journey to optical display excellence is headed
in the right direction.

The Joy-a of electro-optics technologies integration services

We have experience in a wide range of electro-optics technologies, including characterization, trade-off and optimal selection, evaluation, and integration in the optical system design. Our expertise is constantly expanding as we work with emerging technologies to stay ahead of the optical innovation curve. These are just some of the areas where we can excel for you:

Micro-display technologies: OLED, LCD, LCoS, DLP

MEMs and
mirror types

Illumination sources: LEDs, VCSLs, Laser diodes

Illumination shaping optical foils: holographic diffusers
and beam shaping films


and photo-chromic elements

Sensors for camera applications

Who benefits from
Joya electro-optics technologies integration services?

Customers of all sizes and at all stages in the optics innovation journey turn to us for our advanced
knowledge in optics display technologies and integration services, including:

Technology companies for Augmented
Reality applications

Start-ups and entrepreneurs with ideas for optics-based systems

looking to expand
into optics

Companies seeking freelancers or outsourcing of illumination design

Companies that want to expand R&D into optics-related fields

Companies that want
to enter new fields of expertise in optics

Start-ups who are struggling with optical systems and need expert guidance

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