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Non-Imaging & Illumination Design

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Designing illumination optics, non-imaging optics and photonic
design has never been smoother than with the Joya approach

Non-Imaging Design & Illumination Design

Unique expertise
at the cutting edge

Non-imaging design is a relatively new field in optical engineering. It involves the optimization of radiation propagation from the source through the optical system to the target. At Joya, we have already developed a unique expertise in the field,
o you can rely on us for uncompromised quality
in non-imaging optics.

Put our knowledge of non-imaging optics software to work 

The ideal optical design demands the use of advanced software in expert hands. Our team is highly experienced in the leading optics software, including CodeV, Zemax and OSLO. Today, our
optical design software of choice is CodeV, which
we use as the main design tool for our customers.

The illumination experts
for optical medical devices

LightTools software is a powerful tool to conduct simulations and optimization for the development of optics-based medical devices. In these products, optimization of light source and optical system is required to achieve a state-of-the-art illumination system with the necessary efficiency. Our fine-tuned knowledge in designing illumination optics is the key to success for these high-performance medical devices.

The Joy-a of non-imaging & illumination design services

Our non-imaging and illumination design services are available as separate service packages,
or full end-to-end design from modeling to manufacturing:

Creating non-imaging system models based on the imaging design file

Creating illumination sources or micro-display models based on datasheet information

Non-imaging system performance analysis,
including luminance,
uniformity, color and contrast

Simulating unwanted system artifacts, such as stray light analysis and ghost simulations

Creating realistic image simulations and virtual prototypes

System optimization for geometries, coatings and others

tolerance analysis

design support

Collaboration with manufacturers

Who benefits from Joya non-imaging & illumination design services?

For customers working on optical systems that incorporate illumination or photonic design, our team is at your service.
All types of companies and innovators can benefit from our non-imaging and illumination design approach, including:

Technology companies for Augmented
Reality applications

Start-ups and entrepreneurs with ideas for optics-based systems

Companies looking
to expand their activity in optics

Companies seeking freelancers or outsourcing
of illumination design

Companies that want to expand their R&D in optics-related fields

Companies that want
to enter new fields
of expertise in optics

Start-ups who are struggling with optical systems and need expert guidance

Companies looking to manage risk in optical development with fast, accurate virtual prototyping that simulates actual system performance

Companies or innovators looking to improve or optimize any optical project with illumination or photonic interface

JOYA Team –
Imaging & Non-Imaging

Our company provides
tailor-made optical design
and engineering services in different fields and markets.

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