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Optical Consulting

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For any optics challenge or need, Joya expert optical
consulting services will guide your company in the right direction.

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Optical innovation
in every field

Optics are an integral part of our world, from environmental optics, to water optics, AR optics, display optics, optical medical devices, and much more. Optical innovation is in high demand, and many companies incorporate an optical element, whether it be a sub-system, component, technology or product. That’s where Joya steps in.

Joya will be your
Chief Optical Officer

While the demand for optics is high, the companies who most need it often do not have the necessary expertise, or the interest or resources to develop optical capabilities in-house. The Joya team of experts is ready to be your Chief Optical Officer, offering optical consulting throughout the innovation journey, including design of high performance optical systems, optical system engineering, optical system prototyping, and every type of optical support for startups or companies of any size or stage of growth.

Reduce risk, maximize
your optics investment

If it’s connected to optics, Joya is your go-to consultant. With deep, hands-on expertise in the full spectrum of optics design and engineering, decades of accumulated experience, and a vast network of connections in the optics ecosystem, we explore the ‘what’ of your optics project, as well as delving expertly into the ‘how’, helping to reduce the risk of your investment and get you back on the track to successful optical innovation.

The Joy-a of optical consulting services

Joya is your ongoing partner in the unique constellation of your optics project. Our optical consulting services cover the gamut of challenges and pain points you may be facing, including:

Connecting you with the right technology source, service provider, and manufacturer 

Choosing the best components, technologies,
or off-the-shelf products available on the market for integration or any other need

Guiding investors in due-diligence
of optical-based companies or start-ups 

Helping companies identify and evaluate M&A candidates

Performing a comprehensive technology review
or technology
market overview

Who benefits from Joya optical consulting services?

Our optical consulting customers include startups and innovators, investors, and any company
large or small that needs expert guidance in their optical journey:

Start-ups and entrepreneurs with ideas for optics-based systems

Start-ups who are struggling with optical systems and need expert guidance

Investors in
startup companies

Large companies looking for M&A candidates in
the field of optics

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