Optical Design
  • Conceptual Design and Trade-offs

  • Design, Optimization and Analysis using Code V or Zemax Software

  • Tolerance and Sensitivity Analysis

Non-Imaging Design
  • Non-Imaging Design and Analysis using LightTools Software

  • Optimization and Image Simulation

  • Ghost and Stray Light Analysis

  • Illumination Systems Design
Optical Systems Prototyping
  • Support and Guidance of Optics Manufacturers

  • Manufacturers Reviews

  • Prototypes Assembly and Testing

  • Optical Verification Testing (POD)

Display Technologies
  • Micro-Display Technologies Expertise

  • Display Technology Integration in Optical Systems

  • Polarization, Color and Contrast Simulation and Design

  • Display Backlight and  Projection Design

Calibration and Testing Equipment for Optical Systems
  • Conceptual and Detailed Design

  • Engineering Optical Setups

  • Manufacturing Support

  • Integration in Production Line


Consulting can be done on any of our services or partial tasks.

In addition, we offer consulting in other fields:

  • Market Surveys

  • System Engineering of Optical systems

  • Requirements Specifications


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