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  • Conceptual Design and Trade-offs

  • Design, Optimization and Analysis using Code V or Zemax Software

  • Tolerance and Sensitivity Analysis

Optical Design
  • Non-Imaging Design and Analysis using LightTools Software

  • Optimization and Image Simulation

  • Ghost and Stray Light Analysis

  • Illumination Systems Design
Non-Imaging Design
  • Support and Guidance of Optics Manufacturers

  • Manufacturers Reviews

  • Prototypes Assembly and Testing

  • Optical Verification Testing (POD)

Optical Systems Prototyping
  • Micro-Display Technologies Expertise

  • Display Technology Integration in Optical Systems

  • Polarization, Color and Contrast Simulation and Design

  • Display Backlight and  Projection Design

Display Technologies
  • Conceptual and Detailed Design

  • Engineering Optical Setups

  • Manufacturing Support

  • Integration in Production Line

Calibration and Testing Equipment for Optical Systems

Consulting can be done on any of our services or partial tasks.

In addition, we offer consulting in other fields:

  • Market Surveys

  • System Engineering of Optical systems

  • Requirements Specifications