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JOYA Team at AWE2023 Conference

Updated: Jun 6

Marketing in the XR community can be done in different ways and platforms, but nothing compares to a conference which is focused on the XR area, actually the field of our expertise, with all the top players attending, showcasing their products and progress, giving their invaluable insights, meeting and mingling with each other, all of this magic wrapped up in the brilliant and flawless organization of a seasoned team orchestrated by Ori Inbar - the AWE conference.

When the opportunity to attend and contribute as a speaker at the AWE 2023 conference in the Silicon Valley came along – we couldn’t miss it.

So here are some different aspects of JOYA Team AWE2023 conference and its perspective for our company.

Olga's AWE2023 Speaker Batch
Olga's AWE2023 Speaker Batch

JOYA Team Booth

While attending the conference is a big leap for a young company, we wanted to maximize our presence in the Expo floor.

Having our booth was a first timer for us, as so many other experiences in this conference. Our booth was a place where we could invite people to meet and talk, make our company seen by others and play a significant role in the XR eco-system.

We bring our added value by providing optical engineering services, but evermore we sometimes just make the connections between companies and people who can benefit from cooperation, and we do this genuinely because we believe in cooperation, mutual help and support.

So, our booth and in general our attitude is to be on the intersection and help whoever comes in interaction with us. With JOYA Team logo lighted brightly it attracted people who were curious to learn about us. We used our booth as a meeting spot to meet new people as well as old friends. Anyone who went by could have a delicious Swiss chocolate to boost their energy.

Our booth was also a place to host our partners Bobak Tavangar and Yuval Ofir.

AWE2023 JOYA Team Booth
Olga's welcome at AWE2023 JOYA Team Booth

JOYA Team AWE2023 Expo Impressions

The AWE2023 exposition was really interesting and enriching. Seeing with our own eyes all the different technologies and products progress and UpToDate status, meeting with incredibly interesting people and feeling the joyous vibes was really incredible.

It was very exciting for us to see the JOYA Team logo on the AWE2023 start-ups list, alongside with all the ground-braking innovative companies - we're there on the XR eco-system map!

Here are some of the gears we tried on.


The intersection between the technological ecosystem and the amazing creators and artists was magical. It was a celebration of cutting-edge technology, innovation, creativity and joy.

Meeting partners in the Silicon Valley

The trip to California was also an opportunity to meet face-to-face with our current and new customers in the Valley area and we visited several companies there.

We learned along our history in JOYA Team that meeting in person can often be a facilitating factor to get things going and to get to the higher level of friendship and trust with our customers.

There is nothing like having a lunch together, learning the personal history and funny stories about each other. In the end it's all about human interaction...

Bridging the “Valley of Death” in AR Device Development

With all the excitement and the different experiences, the top AWE2023 moment for us was the joint talk that Bobak Tavangar from Brilliant Labs and Olga Resnik from JOYA Team that we presented at the AWE2023 conference. the talk was about common death valleys in optics development of AR smart glasses and how we bridged them together in our mutual work on Brilliant Labs future AR glasses – the Frame. As experienced AR developers, we understand the unique challenges that come with developing optics for AR devices.

During our talk, we shared our firsthand experiences and discussed some of the most common mistakes we have seen in the development of AR smart glasses, as well as the solutions we have used to overcome these challenges in our optical design work on Brilliant Labs second generation of AR glasses.

We also showed how this can be done in practice using tools such as Virtual prototyping and showcase the value we create providing our non-imaging design services.

AWE2023 Talk Recording

Giving this talk was a remarkable experience and we want to share the video recording of our talk with the XR community, as well as with anyone who's struggling with optical product development

Now we can definitely connect the dots between our expert engineering process, deep knowledge and the ability to show the ways across or around the "death valleys" that optics development companies face and the product success stories - such as the innovative and unique Frame product from Brilliant Labs.

Whether you're a seasoned AR developer or just starting out, this talk is must-see.

JOYA Team Democratizing Optical Development

Contact us to learn more about how to navigate the challenges of AR design and development, if you struggle with other optics product development or just want to become a part of our eco-system and examine a cooperation potential.

Here is your chance to learn from JOYA Team experience how to dramatically improve your chances of success. We actually can help you be very efficient and save a lot of time and money.


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