JOYA Team – Value Proposition

When we decided to team up and found JOYA TEAM there was one question that always came up: why would our customers choose us?

To answer this question, we went back to the basics of Lean Canvas methodology and used it to formulate our Value Proposition to our customers.

Finally, we came up with the following values

• Risk reduction

• Reduce Development time

• Reduce Development cost

• New capabilities:

  • Non-imaging design

  • End to end solution

• A holistic optical system solution

• Expertise & Experience

• Responsibility & Commitment

• Open new markets

• Networking

• High-quality solutions

• Innovative methodology

• Open Source

We believe in meeting our customers face to face, to listen and empathize them, understand their needs and purposes, their pains and gain creators.

From this point we can optimize our set of values for them.

If our values meet your needs, team with us for optical system design.

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