JOYA TEAM – Starting with Why

After many years of being employed in a large stable company, we decided to leave.

We asked ourselves: Why?

Why leave and take the risk? Why open a new company? Why will this change make us happier?

Why will customers choose us? Why do we think we will do it differently?

We took some time off, just to think, talk and argue about it, try to extract the essence of what we want to do, try to see the common base that most of our potential customers may share. Many of them may have an idea or a concept; others may have a project schedule or a job to be done. They may know what goal they want to reach.

Our mission is to help them achieve what they want, get them from point A to point B.

Our specialty is to draw the technical route, our optical system development process.

Finally, we agreed on our Why:

At JOYA Team we want to help our customers to design an optical system using our development methodology that creates an optimal working point, incorporating holistic approach including imaging & non-imaging design, new technologies and creative thinking, testability, manufacturability, and cost. Our solutions combine innovative approach with the goal to design an exclusive tailor-made product.

Team with us for optical system design.

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