Covid-19 Pandemic - Opportunity to Growth

Dear Friends,

Today, as the Covid-19 pandemic is already in recession, we want to summarize and share what we did to try to leverage this opportunity for the benefit of our young company. At the beginning of the pandemic spread, when we realized that the new reality is upon us, we understood 2 things:

  • The volume of workhours for our customers reduced

  • As a result, we had a lot of spare time

When we realized this, we just had to use our precious time and promote the important activities that bring value to our company’s development, but we never had the time for. So, what we did was:

  • We defined the goals for this period: where we want to be at the end of it.

  • We translated these goals to tasks and started working on them as if it were for a customer. We made our company a customer.

After 3 month we can see the fruits of our efforts:

  1. We have started to work with international customers

  2. New markets had opened for us and new customers approached us

  3. We had participated in the EUvsVirus Hackathon

  4. We have filed our first patent application in the US

  5. We have built our lab infrastructure and began acquiring equipment for optical setups and testing

  6. We have built our CRM database

  7. We have prepared our first professional lecture for webinar – soon to be on air

  8. We have helped other companies with free optical consulting

  9. We have grown professionally, learned, and acquired new experience

  10. And the list goes on….

This challenging period taught us that especially in times of less comfort the leap forward is greater. We are now looking forward to the future full of energy and passion.

So, if you need help in optics, talk to us and we will be happy to help.

Team with us for optical system design

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