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JOYA Team - Background story

Updated: Mar 18

This is the story about a transformation process, which is still going on. We can tell how it started: this is actually a path that we discovered for ourselves and decided to take. We don’t know exactly where it leads us, but as long as every step feels exciting and the direction feels right, we follow it.

JOYA Team - Our journey
JOYA Team - Our journey starts here

Who are we? Introducing JOYA Team

We are JOYA Team: four engineers in the optical engineering field; we’ve worked for more than 15 years together in a large company in the defense market, specializing in the AR/VR systems for military applications. Each one of us has built his unique specialty and professional expertise over the course of his career and we complete one another so that together we provide overall optical system view and understanding.

Experience &Expertise

During our thriving career, as our professional development came to a certain maturity, each of us from his point-of-view felt that he can contribute his insights to the optical systems development process in order to improve and optimize it for the benefit of a larger circle on a company level. Two of us became team leaders and started to learn and explore the managing and leading challenges; we were also a professional authority sharing our knowledge and expertise with less experienced engineers from various departments throughout the organization. Together we started building system development process along with team building process. We felt that our ideas and vision can take us higher, and we can reach greater goals. These, along with our ambitions and the drive to develop even further gave us the idea to take wing and leave this warm nest that enabled our growth so far.

Founding our own Company

Each of us separately and independently of others came to a decision to leave the company and the decision was carried out at different points in time minding the difference in financial and family status. When the first of our group decided to leave and become a freelancer, the rest of us were still not ready, but it got us thinking and weighing the different options. Each one took his time off to clear his mind and come forth with his decision as long as he needed, but the example of the new and exciting path of working as a freelancer had already been tempting to follow. As our ways parted and the time-out took us away from each other, we realized that we missed mostly working together as a team. Our friendship and synergy, our mutual help and trust, the way we give each other constructive criticism that pushes each one of us to their absolute best, challenging and creating greater goals – this is something unique and precious, something we want to hold on to!

JOYA Team Founders Photo
JOYA Team Founders Photo

Our Goal &Vision

So here we are, creating our company as a partnership, a team where we decide together how and what we want to do, when our team is our special distinguishing value.

Our goal is to create an optical house that will help other companies design an exclusive and tailor-made product. We offer system development methodology approach that provides optimal working point for the optical system which integrates overall aspects in holistic approach.

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